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The Proper Removing of a Tick
Some heart worm dedications have ingredients for ticks and fleas and you can also use a spot-on treatment for ticks and fleas. But in the event that you don't and find a tick on your dog, this is the procedure you can follow to remove it. Use a pair of clean sterilized tweezers to grasp the tick's body, and pull away from your dogs body. Apply steady pressure and apply steady pressure and do not squeeze too tightly. After you remove the tick place it in some alcohol and sterilize your tweezers in some fresh alcohol. Be careful and do not touch the tick with your hands or feet. If for some reason the tick breaks into or your only remove part of it, take your dog to the vet.


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 A purebred bulldog strain built up by Ray Altman couple of decades ago is known to be Altman’s White English Bulldog. It’s a depiction of muscular pet which plays the role of fiercely protective guard and genuinely loyal playfellow simultaneously. Our site is dedicated solely to make the wide-ranging information about this commendable breed of bulldog available for the potential & existing breeders, masters, and general audience.


Capturing the power and essence of vintage White English Bulldogs, Ray Altman of Georgia developed an American pure breed 21 years ago by crossing a White English Bulldog with AKC Bulldog. The resulting line of bulldogs was named after their pioneering breeder and it was officially registered as CKC Altman’s White English Bulldog. The Old English Bulldogs of 18th century were renowned for their defense purposes. Even with minimal training, they were capable of guarding the herds and cattle, along with their masters’ families. Occasional hunting aptitude in case of wolves, wild hogs, stray dogs, etc. is reportedly associated with such breed. However, weaknesses of such sort manifested in case of several, frequent health issues. Most significantly, the physical exertion caused arthritis and related problems to occur. Moreover, gastric torsion and breathing abnormalities are accounted in Old English White Bulldogs. The efforts of Altman were based upon reducing these health troubles and enhancing the positive qualities.

Characteristics of Altman’s Bulldog

Physical Attributes

In appearance, the Altman’s White English Bulldogs are present in all short-coat colors. They averagely weigh 55 – 80 lbs, with a usual height ranging from 15 to 21 inches. Its overall look can be summarized as short, muscular and sturdy. Proportionally, the head is large and square-shaped, with wide-set eyes and small-sized, high-set ears. The nose might be colored according to the coat or regular black, with a short and wide muzzle. Having an undershot bite, the Altman’s Bulldogs possess strong skeletal structure with well-sprung ribs and powerful, thick hind legs. Its tailed is generally cropped; otherwise it is low-lying and long.

Behavioral Features

These dogs are intimate with the immediate family members but might act stoic in the company of less-known persons. Ferocity is a most accounted characteristic of Altman’s White English Bulldog towards the unfamiliar people or animals. However, they are most adorable in presence of kids and prove to be a playful liaison for them. These dogs have endurance to survive efficiently in extreme weather conditions. They require minimal guidance for performing their protective duties, but their social mannerisms and mild aggression towards strangers have to be refined through proper training. These bulldogs are adequately agile despite their brawny built. They need sufficient attention from their owners and like to indulge in various activities indoors and outdoors.


Bringing up a well-groomed Altman’s White English Bulldog isn’t a trivial task. You have to devote yourself towards the well-being of your pet. Before making a decision about getting a dog for its ‘endearing looks’, rationally consider if you can provide them with basic necessities within your financial constraints and daily routine with career and personal life.

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